Saturday, May 25, 2013

And then the next 48...

Time flies when you're happy, right?

So I left off at Thursday night, and it's now Saturday night. Sheesh! Well, on Thursday night, we went to Verjus, which is a restaurant run by a couple kids from Seattle. We've eaten their cooking here in Paris before they opened up a real bricks & mortar place - it was more like a supper club. Anyway, it was a wonderful meal and I felt like I was eating Spring. Except the weather has been nothing like that! Cold cold cold.

Yesterday, we did laundry in the morning. I kid you not. But laundry here is a project. So it took all morning.

Lunch was at a place called Saturne. Inventive, wonderful, farm to table-type food. Pictures to come, I promise.

Then it was off to the market at the Place d'Anvers, where we bought some veal chops from the butcher (here he is, hacking away at our chops)
haricots verts (green beans) from the nice veggie girls, and a couple of tomatoes which are ugly - always a good sign.

And last night, we met our friends Nancy & David at one of their favorite restaurants here, a tapas place called Dans Les Landes. They brought some friends along, and it turns out they're renting an apartment from the same, small agency we are-small world. It was a fun night.

Let me quit there because it's Saturday night in Paris, we just ate a dinner that we cooked, and now we're going out! More tomorrrow...our last day....


  1. It sounds as if you really know your way around Paris pour les gastronomes! Hope you enjoy your remaining time as much as you've enjoyed everything else.

    When you have time (after your return), let me know any thoughts you have about places to eat/drink in Paris that are good but don't break the bank. It looks like I'll be there around Christmas for a friend's wedding--after the wedding I'll head to Madrid for New Year's in a place that will be new to me.

  2. Will do, Bill. I have several of those types of restaurants noted. I'm sure you know that the best way to not break your bank is by having any big restaurant meals at lunch. Even the fancy place, Saturne, had a 37 Euro menu for 3 courses. Not bad considering the quality of ingredients and the labor that goes into it.

    Linda, mais oui, dawlin'! Think about Creoles! Unfortunately, the theory didn't work this time. The tomato was mealy! We got spoiled in Barcelona.