Sunday, May 19, 2013

We were up waaaay too late on jet lag day

But we had a ball. We did a tapas tour through Spanish Trails.

I'm typically not a fan of organized tours, but there was something very appealing about doing this on our first, jet-lagged night in town. First and foremost, we didn't have to think! Second, as a walking tour, it was a great orientation to the city. Our guide Andrew, originally from Scotland, with a stint in Vancouver, moved to Spain about six years ago after falling in love with it. He was great. We went to 5 (6? who can remember) spots, some in a fairly seedy area we likely wouldn't have gone to. I love that. There were only seven of us, which was also nice: a couple from NY, and 3 German guys, all youngin's (20-somethings) but we kept up, of course. It was supposed to run from 6;30-11:00, but Andrew kept us out until close to 1:00!

Fresh, wonderful anchovies with olives.

 We got to make our own pan con tomate (bread rubbed with tomato, olive oil & garlic), the ubiquitous tapa here.
I was so happy to see veggies. They always seem to be sorely lacking in Europe

 I can't remember the name of this place (I need to look it up) but it's a place where anything goes. The police are not allowed to patrol it. They can be called in if there's trouble, of course, but otherwise...smoking (and I ain't talking about cigarettes), drinking, dancing, rollerblading...just people doing whatever they want.
And then us and our tour group. Fun, fun night. And did I mention there was a lot of wine??

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