Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lunch on the Mediterranean

Another thing I imagined was a seafood lunch on the sea.

We went to Kaiku in Barceloneta. Clams and prawns plucked from about two blocks away.

And then the black rice, which Tom lovingly referred to as black goo. So good. Rice cooked in squid ink. Hard to make black food look pretty, but you'll have to trust me, if you love seafood like we do, this was a phenomenal dish.

When we sat down, it was a warm sunny day on the beach. We had perfect timing today - shortly after we left the restaurant, it became windy and cold. About two blocks from the apartment, it started to rain!

These pics were right next to each other  in the camera. Nice day (with funky sculpture.)

Storms arriving.


  1. Lunch looks great -- Barceloneta has to be a good place to look for seafood.

    I admire your stamina on the tapas tour earlier in your trip, and I'm really curious about the neighborhoods you visited!

    1. Hi Bill! It was actually the Raval that our guide referred to as seedy (and he lives there!), but both of us really didn't think so. Of course, we've lived in New Orleans and NYC, so....

      He actually emailed us yesterday with a list of all the places we went, what we ate, and what wines we drank. Once I'm on a more normal-sized screen (after we get back), I'll post all that.

    2. It's funny: when I visited back in 2005, I was told to keep my wits about me when in Raval. I spent almost no time there because the Gaudi house I wanted to see was closed for reno, but on the way to discover that, I passed some nice street music and interesting bars and very cute sailors. It reminded me somewhat of New Orleans...

      I'd be very happy to see the complete list of spots when you have time--thanks!

  2. Funny thing is about the time you were eating squid ink rice I was eating pasta with squid and squid ink. Wal-Mart has some new canned seafood including squid in squid ink. I really like the ink. Unusual but delicious flavor

  3. Beautiful going along with y'all ;-) Dem prawns got my attention. YUM. Tom, you look great, Ms Paula, glam chick under sombrero. Can't to see what we do next (You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet Ink, usually is black) xoxo