Monday, May 27, 2013

At the airport

Sigh. I'm too tired for tears this morning, but I did shed a few yesterday, comme toujours.

And speaking of yesterday, it was a great day - the warmest we've had and NO rain!

The guided tour of the Opera Garnier was excellent - highly recommend it. There's a  lot you don't see at a performance that's covered on the tour. I never knew what the original ceiling looked like, and they have a small (obviously!) replica of it on the tour. We both like the Chagall ceiling much better. There's also a huge library that I never knew existed. The unfinished Emporer's apartment was very cool, too (he never made it there). It's also a steel-framed building - who knew? - with 30 types of marble, most imported.

We finally used our terrace yesterday at lunch - bread, wine & cheese. There's a pic somewhere, but I'm a little disorganized  this AM and haven't downloaded yesterday's photos yet (except for the pastry - see below).

The Franglish event was a lot of fun, but utterly exhausting! We each spoke to 5 different native French speakers, 7 minutes in English and 7 minutes in French. We met some interesting people - all of whom were trying to learn English for different reasons, but mainly for travel and some just to open up some future work opportunities.

You know how at some point on a (fairly) long vacation, you're eager to get home? Yeah, I don't feel that way at all!  I hate leaving Paris.

OK, so I'll try to post a few more pictures after we get home.

Happy Memorial Day, and thanks again for following along.


  1. You folks are apparently indefatigable, which is a good thing on a vacation for which you have limited time. The pastry photos all looked superb.

    I too liked the Camondo museum--sad story about the family, however. I was a big fan of the Jacquemart-Andre as well; if you haven't been, I'd suggest it for next time.

    The Franglish event sounds like great fun. Maybe I can find one myself for December. And I think the tour of the Palais Garnier is a lot of fun. My knees still hurt anytime I think about that place, though.

    Hope you have an uneventful flight home and a quick recovery from jet lag. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos!

  2. aw, now i'm at airport in my mind and i still haven't even arrived yet.
    enjoyable osmosis. a votre santé , xoxo

    (Jacquemart, a fave of mine, too.)

  3. Yes, the Jacquemart was on my list together with the Camondo (they're so close to each other, and thanks for picking up my misspelling, Bill!) but we got to the Camondo towards the end of the day, so only had time for that. Next time, bien sûr.

    Linda, have a fantastic trip! Send a postcard, or a pic or two, and have some fabulous wine for us. xoxo back atcha.