Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yesterday was Gaudiful

But there are no pictures to prove it! Actually, there are pictures on a throw-away camera, but I can't figure out how to connect it to the computer. ;-)

The camera battery died on the way to Sagrada Familia (don't worry, it's charged again). Thank goodness they still sell those things.

So more on Gaudi later, but I wanted to do a quick post with pics before we head to the Picasso Museum shortly.

Yesterday afternoon, we hung out in our 'hood, the Born neighborhood. We love this area. The Church of Santa Maria del Mar (which we can see from our terrace), and that candle right in the middle is the one I lit for my mother.

You can see our terrace in the next picture, way up top. And finally, a typical street in the Born. More later...


  1. El Born was probably my favorite place to wander, though I may be swayed by the most wonderful lunch (and the best wine) I had there while in Barcelona. Your apartment looks like a great find.

    I was disappointed by all but the 'real' (east?) side of Sagrada Familia, but I just had to go there. Later on, I'll be interested to hear what you thought of the Gaudi that you saw.